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Heading to Scotland with Holiday Phone

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Heading to scotland for a week of curling and a few days of photo touring around the country. I was looking for the best way to get data for my i phone and during my search I came upon a company that will allow me to keep my current phone number and allow me to receive and make reasoneably priced phone calls.  This company is Holiday Phone, It looks like the whole process will be straight forward.

You will need an unlocked phone.

My i phone is off contract so it was easy for me to get it unlocked from AT&T by submitting a form on the AT&T website. It only took me 20 minutes to get a response back with permission to unlock my phone.

Holiday Phone send my new SIM card in 2 days (my fault for waiting until the last minute so I paid for 2 day shipping). the card comes attached to a letter explaining how you use their system, its a matter of forwarding your number to a US number provided by  Holiday Phone and when you get in the plane switch SIM cards.  Any calls to your phone will then be forwarded to your phone directly.

So if you find yourself traveling and you are looking for an easy way to get cell phone service give Holiday Phone a try.

Curling broom vs Nikon D 610

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it figures!  During the winter Olympics why wouldn't a curling boom head hit my D 610. Any way the broom won.  Looks like the LCD behind the cover is fine and working.  Contact Nikon this evening to set up some repair service.

Nikon doing the right thing

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Last year I had 5 Nikon D600's everyone had dust and spot issues, well a few weeks ago I returned my 5th one to he dealer and they replaced it with a D610 for no charge, that was great, the sensor is spotless after shooting for 2 months what a joy it is to not crop out hundreds of spots. 

Any way it seems like Nikon is now trading out d610's for 600's sent in for repair  http://nikonrumors.com/2014/01/27/nikon-is-replacing-some-d600-cameras-with-new-d610-models.aspx/

My guess was that at some point these shutters would start to fail from pieces being shredded off with each click. 

Copyright information

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Well it's a new year, and it's been so cold here in upstate NY I haven't had the cameras out for to much shooting yet.  Today I booked a trip to warm weather next week so it was time to go in and change my copyright information to 2014.   It's one of those little things we only need to do once a year so it can be easy to forget.

you should take a few minutes and if you can't find the menu in your camera, dig out that manual and look up the copyright information and make the changes needed for 2014. 

the other place is in your photo cataloging software.  The copyright information is usually found in the meta data section and like the camera change it ton2014

well happy new year and happy shooting

Please tell me why?

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I have been looking into getting a quad copter to use for some unique views of a few projects I am working on.

one thing that is really draining me nuts is why do we have to call these things drone?  All they are are radio controlled planes. By using the term Drone we are just calling attention to to this class of radio controlled aircraft. To the point where the government will end up regulating them to the point where we will not be able to use these tools for any useful photography.   

So before it's to late and the government both state and federal decides we are bunch of bad guys (I won't use the "T" word) just wanting to get detailed shots of trees and bird nest so we can do wrong.

So lets start out 2014 by not using the drone word any more call them a toy, call them a model airplane but let's stop drawing attention to this new form of creative photography before we find out out little quads are all grounded and you can't use them for any commercial shoots with out getting a license and pay a fee to fly them.

Happy New year.  

Yosemitte at night

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Imspent an extra day in the park after the workshop and went out shooting with another photographer from the workshop.  We started the evening at Glacier point attempting to get some nice shots of Half Dome.  The sky did not cooperate with us and we had a nice clear sky and very little color with the sunset.

So after eating some sandwiches at Glacier park we headed back down to the valley. We pulled I to the tunnel view and with almost a half moon available for light we spent a while shooting.  The photo above is one of my favorite from that stop.   

Our last stop of the night was at the devils elbow beach to do some light painting along the Merced river below is the result of us tring to light El Capitan from the beach



over all it was a fun eying of night shooting. 

Yosemite Day 2

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I am still on east coast time so I was up early, I made some coffee and decided to leave the room just before sunrise.  the nice thing about being in a deep valley is it takes 30 minutes or so before the sun starts to light up the valley floor.  I took some images in the El Capitan Meadow, then I moved on to the Pohono Bridge.  by this time the sun was lighting up El Capitan's 3000 foot granite wall and the water in the river was smooth as glass.  

Yosemite National Park

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Yesterday I wrote a nice post ( then today I hit the remove button )about driving to the park and arriving in the late afternoon to maybe catch some of the later afternoon light.  I made several stops along the Merced River while making my way to a Virtual Geocache located at the famed tunnel View. at the look out I ran into Randy one of the instructors from the digital photo workshops

I made it to my room after dark and uploaded the days photos, below is a shot taken from the geocache site.

valley view day1-1.jpg

Nikon D610 Announced this morning

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The D610 has been announced for pre order and a release date of October 18, 2013. As expected not to much is new with the 610, there is a burst rate of 6 frames a second and now this burst rate can be shot in the quite mode. 

More information on this new camera will be published as it becomes available, I have not had a chance to see it yet but my order is in and I will put it through the same test I did on the D600 and check out the sensor for dust and oil spots.  But just like the Nikon SB900 flash that was over heating, I hope Nikon got this right with the D610



World wide photo walk 2013

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I had the pleasure yesterday to do a photo walk in Clinton, NY the walk leader Gail  did an excellent job setting up the walk in coordination with the Clinton Historical Society. We were given a map and introduction to Clintons historicial district and then sent on our way.  for the most part we stayed in group for the next 2 hours everyone shooting what they found interesting.  Reflections, shooting low, archutrectural details, Fall colors, vines and even some beautifual shots from a couple of business as the owners worked their crafts. 

The rain held off just a few sprinkles, As the walk was coming to an end I knew there was a geocahe nearby so I introduced a couple of walkers to geocaching. When the walk was over back at the historical society building we had lunch up loaded images and walkers showed their shots.  This was my first Kelby photowalk and I am looking forward to another next year.

Below are just a couple of my shots from the morning. 

Nikon D 610

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Looks like the D610 will be announced on October 7th, Its being said that the new camera is really just an upgrade to the shutter so it no longer throws dust/oil onto the sensor.  I know my D600 was pretty good but it has gotten worse in the past month and the dust is becoming an issue again.   

I am holding out for some kind of trade in program to be offered by Nikon, I know the chances of that happening are slim but they are the ones who pushed out defective gear to its loyal fans. 

Hawaii on f4's

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Here is a sunset photo taken at a small cove not to far from the resort Aulani. I really enjoyed carrying a lot less weight then I usually do during a photo tour with Oahu Photography Tours I went all day with these lenses in my pack  and it was a pleasure to carry.

I find that I do not miss the 2.8's I have been able to bump the ISO up to 800 with no real noise being introduced into the photos.   Its been a busy week so I have not had a lot of time to process many photos.I will post a gallery in a week or so with some other shots taken around the island.


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Over the past few months I thought about my gear, I shot Nikon and had f2.8" from Sigma the 24 to 70mm and 70 to 200mm. These are great lenses they have always performed well for me but the kit would make for a heavy bag to carry.  I was also looking for a lens that would give me a little more then the 70mm reach without having to change lenses.

Back in the spring I decided to first buy the Nikon f4 - 16 to 35mm, I really enjoyed using the lens and it was giving me good performance even in low light. I like it because I can use my filters on this lens. 

After a few months of use I decided to convert to an all f4 collection of Nikon lenses. I started to look and was happy to see Nikon has a 24 to to 120mm, that lens covers most of zoom range what I would shoot. The reviews were good and it was placed into the shopping cart.  Lastly I decided on getting the f4 70 to 200mm to complete the kit.  This combination has dropped a signifiant amount of weight from may bag.

I have 2 upcoming photo trips one to Hawaii and the other to Yosemite national park.  Check back for new photos and updates on how my f4 kit performs.